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Standing Rock Baptist Church Record and Roll Book
Church Book of Standing Rock
List of Members {Year Unknown}
List of Members 1960
List of Members of Standing Rock Church
Males {Letter B}
Females {Letter B}

Standing Rock Baptist Church
Pope, Perry County, Tennessee
I am listing the names as they are spelled in the book of its orginial handwriting.
This book I assume, has been kept in the family. I believe the church was organized about the mid-1890s and sadly was not in session by the mid 1960s.
There are records from Tom*s Creek Baptist Church of Standing Rock being a branch from its church.

You may navigate the pages to the left of the page. I will have the scanned page located with what I have tried to read and make more accessible to help in everyone*s research. If you see any errors or just want to share your information about the person listed, PLEASE feel free. I have a message board where you will be free to do so.

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