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Standing Rock Baptist Church Record and Roll Book
List of Members {Year Unknown}


Church Book of Standing Rock
List of Members {Year Unknown}
List of Members 1960
List of Members of Standing Rock Church
Males {Letter B}
Females {Letter B}



Annie Worn
Robert Bankson
R?osie Bledsaw
nattie cook
Edney cottom
?enia cook
M.C. conder
?ter tallie
Birtha Epperson
P.N. Epperson
Janney ledbetter
susan Jones
M.E. hensley
sl horner
annie horner
hairet hensley
nettie gamblin
minnie moore
Edith conder
sallie marshel
floary mc donel
Eva roberts
delor sharp
felix Bledsaw
luther conder
dick conder
a.J. cook
J.B. Epperson
doss Epperson
J.n. horner
p.N. lomax
J.B. lomax
H.B. moore
Berry worn
lin? roberts
J.N. roberts
John strickland
g.D. hensley
s.J moore

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