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This is My Neely Family Tree

Joshua NEELY - Son of Samuel NEELY (1769-1845) and Mary "Polly" WATKINS (d. 1880). Dau/of Jacob WATKINS (b. 1752) and Sarah Williams LLOYD; Sister of Samuel WATKINS (1794-1880). Founder of WATKINS Institute in Nashville, TN. Grandson of William NEELY (1730-1781) and Margaret PATTERSON, (1737-1782). Dau/of James PATTERSON. First Settlers of Neely's Bend in Davidson Co., TN.

                b. 8 April 1823 in Davidson Co., TN
                d. 4 June 1904 in Sumner Co., TN
Married 1) Celia E. GRIZZARD on 23 Jan 1849 in Davidson Co., TN
                b. 3 Nov 1826 in Davidson Co., TN
                d. 3 Aug 1865 in Sumner Co., TN
Daughter of William GRIZZARD (1784-1884) and Mary "Polly" POWELL (1794-1877)

Married 2) Annie HARVEY CANTRELL on 2 Dec 1874 in Sumner Co., TN (1835-1902)

Son - Frank NEELY, b. 1879

Children of Joshua NEELY & Celia E. GRIZZARD

  1. Zachary Taylor NEELY, b. 1 April 1850 in Sumner Co., TN; d. 31 Dec 1933 in Sumner Co., TN. Married - Mary Lee "Mollie" JACKSON on 29 Sept 1881 in Sumner Co., TN b. 22 Oct 1853 in Sumner Co., TN, d. 14 March 1952 in Sumner Co., TN. Daughter of William JACKSON (1815-1870) and Nancy Ann VANDERVILLE (1827-1886).
  2. Alice J. NEELY, b. 22 Nov 1852 in Sumner Co., TN d. 1 July 1898. Married - Robert T. LOONEY on 25 Nov 1869 in Sumner Co., TN b. 26 Aug 1847 d. 20 Nov 1913. Son of William Russell LOONEY (1819-1882) and Sarah Emily ELAM (1822-1891).
  3. George W. NEELY, b. 23 Dec 1854 in Sumner Co., TN d. 24 May 1881 in Sumner Co., TN.
  4. Edward NEELY, b. 1856 in Sumner Co., TN
  5. Christopher Carson NEELY, b. 1858 in Sumner Co., TN d. Abt. 1930 in Sumner Co., TN

Children of Zachary Taylor NEELY and Mary Lee "Mollie" JACKSON

  1. Thomas Claire NEELY, b. 7 Sept 1882 in Sumner Co., TN d. 1 Aug 1883 in Sumner Co., TN.
  2. Essie Ida NEELY, b. 21 Dec 1883 in Sumner Co., TN d. 29 Nov 1899 in Sumner Co., TN.
  3. William "Will Young" NEELY, b. 8 Jan 1887 in Sumner Co., TN d. 26 March 1976 in Sumner Co., TN. Married - Gladys Eulala EUBANK (1901-1970).
  4. George Elliott NEELY, b. 21 Oct 1889 in Sumner Co., TN d. 20 Feb 1979 in Davidson Co., TN. Married - Elsie JAHNKE (1913-1979).
  5. Mary Elizabeth "Mattie Bess" NEELY, b. 25 Oct 1913 in Sumner Co., TN d. May 1979 in Washington, DC. Married J. Murfree SMOTHERMAN.