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On this page I'll include some of my favorite family photos. If you have some photos you'd like to share with other family members, please send them to me and I'll post them here.

Athan Marie BATES & Dewey Rastus EPPERSON
Taken circa 1989-91


This picture was taken Thanksgiving of 1956
Left: James Doss Monroe EPPERSON; Middle: Elsie EPPERSON Rhodes; & Dewey Rastus EPPERSON


Angela Delores DAVIS Stevens
Angela is the cousin I found that tied our immediate family back together after years of no contact.

This photo of Angela was taken the year of 1989 in California.

Athan Marie BATES Epperson
This was given to me as a Christmas gift in 2001 from my Aunt Shirley, Grannie was 16 years old.